Outdoor & Safari Clothing

Which outdoor and safari clothes are right for travelling or working in South Africa? 

While some people prefer to wear everyday clothes, others only wear specialised gear as they believe it is an important part of the safari experience.

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Wearing neutral colours is not always necessary for driving safaris in South Africa. Wildlife see a vehicle as a big animal, so a visitor wearing a bright colour will not trigger an overt reaction. A walking safari is a different matter though. You are invading the territory of big game, and possibly predators. For the safety of your group, you will be expected to dress in neutral tones (bush colours), so white and bright colours are not appropriate. 

When staying at game lodges and nature reserves you will notice that staff and rangers dress in the classic green, brown, beige and khaki safari gear for exactly this reason. 

In Spring and Autumn in South Africa temperatures may vary dramatically. We have beautiful weather for days and then sudden cold and rainy weather for a day or two. Even if the days are warm, night time temperatures will be noticeably cooler. It’s not uncommon to start a game drive in the late afternoon feeling hot and end it a few hours later when the cold evening air has set in. Your ranger or guide will advise you to bring a torch, a hat and a warm jacket on the drive.

We recommend taking a warmer jacket for the evenings. Ponchos and fleece jackets are a good bet and easy to pack. A rainproof jacket, a hat or cap and comfortable water-resistant walking shoes are essential. To avoid sunburn and sunstroke, choose a wide brimmed hat and wear sunblock with 30 to 50 SPF (sun protection factor). Sunglasses are indispensable so carrying an extra pair when travelling is a good idea.